What music styles are the most popular today according to HoReCa and Retail?

Due to the rapid development of genres and styles of modern popular music it is difficult to distinguish between them as there are no clear stylistic boundaries. For this reason, it is considered to be a good taste among composers, musicians and performers to develop their own style based on different genres and create unique music that becomes their "schtick".

It is crucial for professional composers to be able to operate within all the great variety of music genres and styles. And for us it is essential to be in tune with our authors.

The term "music style" refers to a system of musical expressive means that embody some ideas and imagery. The totality of stylistic features of music works is based on social and historical conditions, the composer's mindset and perception of reality, the creative method, as well as general specificity of music development within a certain historical period.

In this article we would like to focus on the genres and styles that are in high demand today as viewed from the perspective of music for business in HoReCa and Retail branches.


Electronic music comprises music created by means of electronic instruments or technologies. This music direction has a huge dancing potential, so it is often used in discos and parties. Therefore, if electronic music is used in an establishment, it triggers a subconscious joyful feeling of a holiday or party.

This music direction includes both "club" styles such as House, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Trance, Techno, and "song" styles such as Synth-Pop and Eurodance.

In most cases it is dancing pop-music that induces customers to make impulsive unplanned purchases!


This music style is in high demand in HoReCa as it creates a calm pleasant atmosphere in an establishment. Such music makes one want to relax and not to hurry.

The main distinctive features of lounge music are: jazz effect, calm tempo, soft and delicate tone quality. Hybrid combinations of instruments, electronic music and live performance, are also effective.

This music direction overlaps with a number of other directions of which the most popular are Rap and R&B. Today Hip-Hop is definitely one of the most popular and trendy music directions. New performers emerge day by day. Be it aggressive Rap or more mainstream R&B – all types of Hip-Hop music feature outstanding performers who sell out concert halls and gain millions of views in the Internet.

On the whole, Hip-Нop has already become one of the most influential subcultures, a successful and highly profitable industry, and even to some extent a way of life.

Hip-hop music is in high demand when it comes to business music design. As this music style attracts large numbers of fans, businesses strive to win their hearts and minds.


This music direction is in high demand in certain industries. Typically, rock-music is associated with men and establishments for men.

Today gyms are very popular. They require dynamic motivating music. Besides expressive electronic music, aggressive hard rock music such as Metal, Alternative, Hard Rock is widely used in gyms.

In the recent years men's hairdressing saloons, or barbershops, have become popular. Ideal music for such kind of establishments should emphasize men's style and confidence. Such styles as Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Hard Rock, Rock & Roll will hit the spot.

Indie and Pop-Rock are also high in demand both in HoReCa and Retail.

After all, Ukrainian music is highly popular in Ukraine. Songs in Ukrainian are in demand both in HoReCa and Retail. Trendy electronic sound is preferable. If you manage to combine electronic music with folk tunes and beautiful lyrics in Ukrainian, you may rest assured that your music will be highly popular among Ukrainian clients for a long time.

We have overviewed typical features of some genres and styles that are in high demand on business music design market. Thus, if you are working in one of the styles above – you are welcome to upload your music onto our portal. ExpertMusic are always eager to have more high-quality content!

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