"Statistics" section is already available on the portal!

ExpertMusic Team are pleased to inform the Authors that a new "Statistics" section has already been launched. From now on you will be able to view information about the use of your music content and downloading of your works at your convenience.


"Statistics" section is in the personal user account, in the menu bar on the left. In this section Authors can see the list of their music works, date and number of downloadings for every work, branch, country and the name of establishment where it was downloaded. Branch, country and name of establishment correspond to the following fields (columns) of the portal section: branch of counteragent, country of counteragent, name of counteragent (legal name) and alternative name of counteragent (brand name), See picture 1.

Picture 1 – active fields in "Statistics" section
For the sake of convenience, statistic data can be filtered according to the following categories:

1. By period – authors can sort out information for a certain period of time. By default – one can view current week data; any period – one is supposed to specify the dates "from-to"; also, there are filters by other available parameters of time (see picture 2).

2. By the territory where the music work is used one can choose a region to which the rights were conveyed according to the Agreement (see picture 2). If an Author has conveyed rights to the whole world, they should choose the "whole world" option in the filter by territory in order to be able to see the full information about downloaded tracks. If a certain territory was specified when uploading tracks onto the portal, the Author should choose the country and see the information in the "Statistics" section.

Picture 2 – active filter categories in the "Statistics" section: by period and territory.
Besides, the sorting option by various parameters (A to Z, upwards and downwards) can be accessed by clicking the column title.

The new section is to help Authors not only to track the use of their music content online but also to analyze the data in order to further create the music content that will be in demand in different business branches.

Upload more music works onto the portal and view the statistics at your convenience.
If information about downloads is absent from the section (no records), it means that the consumer has not yet used your music content (i.e., music content has not yet been downloaded).

In case of any problems with the portal, or if you have other questions, feel free to contact ExpertMusic specialists in any way convenient for you:

Via ExpertMusic customer support service e-mail: support@expertmusic.net
By telephones available on site.


Today, a Business portal is available for the clients of our company. Establishments of HoReCa and Retail segment make active use of the music provided by ExpertMusic. And with the new services to become available on the Business portal in the nearest future they will grow in number.

In order to keep up with trendy popular music in HoReCa and Retail segments, read the article "What music styles are the most popular today in HoReCa and Retail?" published on our blog.

In addition to the material above we would like to emphasize that with rapid development of restaurants of different national cuisines, Georgian, Italian, French and Spanish music have recently become highly popular.

The more music works you upload onto the portal, the higher the chance that your music will be in demand in establishments of different branches, which will result in promotion and monetization of your tracks and achievement of your goals.


It is as easy as ABC!

If you have not yet joined the authors on ExpertMusic portal, but are interested in doing so, you are welcome to try right now. Sign up for our portal, upload your music works, study the capabilities of the portal, and contact Customer support service if necessary.

Yours sincerely
ExpertMusic Team

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