State of musical compositions in the "Music" section of the Portal

Today our ExpertMusic specialist is giving an answer to one of the most frequent questions asked by Authors in their inquiries to Support Service – the question about the state of musical compositions in the "Music" section of the portal.

Please be reminded that a musical composition may have one of the following statuses:

- under registration (currently being registered);
- registered;
- added to the contract;
- verified;
- processed;
- model;
- rejected.


Changes in the state of music compositions on the portal help the Author understand the processes undergone by their musical compositions and see all their stages.

Let us clarify all the possible statuses of musical compositions.

The status "Registered" means that a musical composition has been successfully and correctly uploaded onto the portal and assigned a hash-code (a unique code used for verifying the consistency and authenticity of files).

The next stage of processing the uploaded Subject of Copyright is "Added to the contract" which means that the music composition is added to the valid contract signed by both parties.

The musical composition is further verified (tested) by ExpertMusic editor.

The status "Processed" means that the track has been successfully verified but not all the copyright holders (co-authors) have signed the contract yet.

On having signed the License Agreement with all the parties or with one copyright holder (if there is only one copyright holder for a musical composition) the track is considered to be duly processed and verified, and is assigned the "Model" status. This is the final stage, when all rights are reserved and the track becomes available for Users.

The status "Rejected" means that the track has not successfully passed verification by music editors. If a track is rejected with a recommendation to "make correction" you may upload it again after making necessary changes according to the editor's recommendations. Tracks marked as "Rejected" are not made available for Users.

If an uploaded file is technically faulty (its technical specifications are unsatisfactory, or the speed of the Internet connection is not sufficient), it has not been correctly uploaded and assigned a hash-code to certify its originality, or the information about the copyright holders is unavailable etc., the status of such track is "Under registration". In this case repeated uploading of this file is highly recommended.

If there is a necessity to make correction to already uploaded files (e.g., to delete a track that has been uploaded incorrectly or by mistake), you are welcome to contact ExpertMusic Support Service Team by writing to our e-mail . Our specialists will efficiently solve all the problems and help you understand what went wrong.

ExpertMusic Team

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