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Updated on 24 May 2016

The User agrees that this Privacy Policy protecting the confidentiality of personal data (hereinafter Policy) is valid for all the information about the User available to ExpertMusic (registered ExpertMusic Company trademark) and/or their affiliated persons and companies including those related to ExpertMusic Group (hereinafter – ExpertMusic) while the User is using any ExpertMusic websites, services, programs or products (hereinafter – Services, ExpertMusic Services).

User consent for providing personal data according to the Policy and as between the parties (the User and one of the affiliated persons of ExpertMusic Group) is valid for all affiliated persons and Companies related to ExpertMusic.


«Administration» – authorized staff to manage and control ExpertMusic Services who organize and/or carry out personal data processing as well as define the goals of personal data processing, the scope of personal data and the operations to be carried out with the personal data.

«Personal data» – any data related directly or indirectly to a physical person (the subject of personal data).

«Copyright holders» – persons who own intellectual property rights.

«Processing of personal data» – any operation or operations carried out by automated or non-automated means in order to process personal data including such operations as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, updating, acquiring, reporting (spreading or providing access to), anonymizing, blocking, deleting or destruction of personal data.

«Confidentiality of personal data» - is a statutory requirement of ExpertMusic Company to prevent spreading personal data without the consent of the subject of personal data or without other legal reasons.

«User» – a person who has access to ExpertMusic Services via the Internet and uses ExpertMusic Services.

«Cookies» — a small piece of data sent to the User from the web-server and stored in the User's PC. The Web Client or the Web Browser transmits it to the Web Server together with the HTTP request in order to gain access to a certain web-page or site.

«IP-address» — a unique net address of a host in a computer network created in accordance with the IP Protocol.


ExpertMusic highly appreciate their users' trust, so safety and confidentiality of personal data while using the Services are crucial for our Company.

Using ExpertMusic Services implies the User's unreserved consent with the Policy and the conditions of processing personal data.

In case of disagreement with the Policy the User is to immediately stop using ExpertMusic Services.

The Policy is applicable only to ExpertMusic Services.

The Administration does not check the adequacy of personal data provided by the User of ExpertMusic Services.


The Policy requires that the Administration does not report the data and protects the confidentiality of personal data provided by the User in order to log on and start using Services.

Personal data available for processing in accordance with the Policy is provided by the User by filling out the registration form and include the following:

- Surname, name and patronymic of the User;

- date of birth;

- document serial number and date of expiry;

- telephone number;

- e-mail address;

- postal address;

- bank details.

Besides, the Administration automatically gathers information about the computer, browser, operating system, IP-address and other system environment variables of the User.

The Administration stores all the information provided by the User while working with Services or by any other means (during the telephone conversation with the Service call-centre operator, exchanging messages via CRM or via e-mail).

The administration is entitled to request additional information about the User.

ExpertMusic protects the data transmitted automatically while watching advertisement slots and visiting web pages, including the following:

- IP address;

- details of cookies;

- details of the browser (or other program gaining access to advertisement);

- access time;

- the address of the webpage providing the ad slot;

- referrer (the address of the previous web page).

Switching off cookies may result in a failure to gain access to ExpertMusic Services that require authorisation.

ExpertMusic collects statistics about the IP-addresses of all visitors. This information is used to identify and solve technical problems as well as to ensure the legality of payments.

Any other personal data not mentioned above are carefully stored and not reported except as otherwise is stipulated by this Policy.


The Administration may use User personal data for the following purposes:

to ensure convenience of its Services;

to identify the users of Services;

to provide access to personalized services;

to establish feedback with the User including notifications and queries as well as processing the queries of the Users;

to locate the User in order to ensure safety and prevent fraud;

to confirm the adequacy of personal data provided by the User;

to create a personal User account provided that the User has given consent;

to send notifications about products and services. One of the ways to send a notification is sending an e-mail with useful information about new services, webinars etc. The User may unsubscribe in order not to receive further notifications via e-mail;

to monitor user satisfaction and improve the service;

to process payments (including royalty payable to copyright holders), tax assessment notes, payment backout etc.;

to provide effective technical assistance in order to prevent any problems while using Services.


Processing User personal data is carried out without limitation of time in any legal way including the use of automated and non-automated means.

The Administration is entitled to report personal data (The User agrees that the Administration may report personal data):

- for the purposes of Investigation in order to prevent fraud or apply the law in case of fraud;

- to protect ExpertMusic property rights as well as to ensure safety of Services and Users;

- to the third parties related to ExpertMusic, as well as delivery services, postal services, telecom specialists etc. for the sake of effective interaction with the User;

- to State authorities in accordance with the law.

With the exception of above mentioned cases, the Administration informs the User in case of loss or disclosure of personal data.

The Administration takes necessary organisational and technical measures to protect User personal data from any illegal or accidental access, destruction, blocking, copying, spreading or other illegal actions of the third parties.

The Administration cooperates with the User to take necessary measures to prevent material losses or other negative consequences of the loss or disclosure of User personal data.

In case of the necessity of reporting User personal data in situations not stipulated by this Policy the Administration must receive written permission from the User.


The User is under obligation to:

Provide all the necessary Personal data to gain access to the Services;

Update personal data in case of changes.

The Administration is under obligation to:

Use personal data only for purposes stipulated by this Policy;

Ensure proper storage of User personal data, prevent disclosure of personal data without written permission of the User, not to effect sale, exchange, publishing or use any other ways of disclosing and transfering User personal data except as otherwise is stipulated by the Policy.

Take measures to protect confidentiality of User personal data according to the procedure established for protecting information of such kind in current legal practice.

Block personal data of a certain User at the request of the User, his legal representative, or personal data protection authority, during revision period, in case of invalid data or any illegal actions.


If the Administration fails to meet the liabilities, they are responsible for the damages and losses borne by the User in the result of illegal use of personal data in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Poland, except as otherwise is stipulated by the Policy.

In case of loss or disclosure of Confidential personal information the Administration does not bear responsibility if Confidential personal information:

- became available to the public before its loss or disclosure;

- had been obtained from a third party before it became available to the Administration;

- was reported with the consent of the User.


Before applying to court with any disputes or claims that may arise between the User and the Administration it is obligatory to make a claim (a written proposal of a voluntary dispute settlement).

The claimee is to notify the claimer in the written form about the results of consideration of the claim within 30 days of the day of receipt of the claim.

In case of failure to settle the dispute the case will be submitted to court for trial in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Poland.

Current legislation of the Republic of Poland is applicable to this Policy and the relationships between the User and the Administration.


The Administration is entitled to make changes in this Policy on a unilateral basis (without the User's consent).

New Policy comes into effect as of the time of making it available on ExpertMusic Service site, except as otherwise is stipulated by the new version of Privacy Policy.

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