ExpertMusic team is pleased to announce to all our Authors on the launching the "LOYALTY ACCRUALS" section. Now, you can monitor your music download monetization at any time.
This section is located on the left side of the menu bar of your profile. Going to this section, the Author will see the reporting periods for counterparties (columns: the beginning of the period, the end of the period), the name of the counterparty, who downloaded your music, the list of music downloads, number of uses, as well as royalty amount and current state.

It is also possible to sort all columns from "A" to "Z" and from the larger to the smaller or vice versa.
Figure 1 – Implemented fields of the "Royalty accruals" section
Let's take a closer look at each item:

1. "The beginning of the period" and "the end of the period" columns. On the portal, the dates "from" and "to" of the reporting period for counterparties are displayed for each use and counterparty to understand what is included or to be included in the distribution, and in what period.

Periods can be both completed and uncompleted. This is due to the fact that the counterparties have different payment periods, such as 30, 90 or 180 days, so the reporting periods for different clients are not the same.

The final date of the reporting period is specified in "The end of the period" column. This information will help the Author to understand the terms of distribution (what is already have been distributed and what is going to be distributed later).
Figure 2 – Information on the dates of the end of the period and the state of distribution
Note: The distribution will only include those periods for clients, the effect of which has already ended.

Consider an example: The "Statistics" item displays 500 downloads, but they were executed in different periods. In this case, the amount of accruals will be displayed according to the used content within completed periods for clients.

It is also possible that the downloads were executed during the quarter (October – December) or other periods, while the payment periods of counterparties have not yet ended. In this case, the amounts to be accrued will be displayed after the completion of such periods (time-bound guide is "the end of the period" column).

The distribution is carried out quarterly, according to the signed Licensing Agreements. Interest payment is made for accruals starting with 100 euros.

2. Counterparty:
This column lists the names of clients' establishments where the music tracks were used.

3. Music Track:
This column lists the name of the music track.

4. Number of Uses:
This column lists the number of downloads by a certain client for a specific period.

5. Royalty, euro:
This column represents the amount to be paid in euro. The value "0,00" means that the reporting period of the client has not yet ended and the amount has not yet been distributed.

The amount displayed is the final payout to the copyright holder subject to the tax withholding.

The amount received to the account of the copyright holder depends solely on the commission of the payment channel selected by the Author.

6. State of Distribution:
There are two options – "Accrued" and "Not distributed".

"Accrued" means that the amount of royalty for the use of music content is distributed and accrued. The reporting period of the client specified in the "Counterparty" column has already ended.

"Not distributed" means that monetization has not yet been implemented since the reporting period of the counterparty has not ended.

More information on the process of royalty distribution is presented in the following scheme:

The amount paid by the client for a certain period ended (90, 180 or 360 days) is distributed among all downloads of this counterparty
The amount for each Music Track is divided according to the rights shares specified by the copyright holder (calculation of the share of each copyright holder/representative)
Calculation of mandatory taxes
Rewards payment to ExpertMusic company
Convert the amount in euro. Payment of income taxes of the copyright holder
The amount of accrued royalties in euro for the copyright holder, state of distribution – accrued

The new section will help Authors to monitor music download monetization and understand the accrued amounts to be paid.
If you have any difficulties with the portal or any other questions, you can always contact the specialists of ExpertMusic company in any convenient way:


Currently, the Business Portal for our clients is successfully operating. HoReCa & Retail establishments actively use music offered by ExpertMusic.

Uploading more quality tracks on the portal, you increase the chances for your content to be used by a greater number of establishments of different business areas, which in turn will lead to increased monetization.

To keep abreast of topical and popular music in the HoReCa & Retail segment, read the article "What music styles are the most popular today according to HoReCa and Retail" in our blog.

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