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On February 16, 2016 ExpertMusic held an online meeting with the participation of authors, performers, composers and producers in order to provide more information about the service, the history of the company, and to share ideas for its further development.

Those who did not have the opportunity to participate in the online meeting can watch the video and sign up for newsletters about the upcoming webinars to be held on ExpertMusic international portal.


Our online service is aimed at facilitating interaction between businesses, authors and performers, promoting and monetizing their music, and providing ideal music content on mutually beneficial conditions.

Many market members have been familiar with our company since 2006 when it was known as "AuthorMusic" publishing company. At that time the company's main purpose was to control royalty payments to the authors and producers from recording companies, cell phone operators, content providers and production studios. "Author Music" cooperated with a number of famous producers and projects such as "Mozgi Entertainment" (Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh), Ihor Matvienko's production centre (projects such as "Fabrika", "Liube", "Ivanushki", "Korni" etc.), REAL Records Company ("Nochnyye Snaipery" etc.), «R-concert» («Gorod 312» band), «Moroz records» (Victor Tsoy and "Kino" band), "Russkiy shanson" company ("Butyrka" band etc.), "Moon Records" production company (Kuzma Skryabin etc.)
2008 – IndoorMedia Company was set up to license music for a variety of establishments: bars, restaurants, cafés, shops, malls, supermarkets, filling stations, hotels, beauty parlours, car showrooms etc.

In 2016 the Company relaunched its business and set up a new ExpertMusic brand in order to facilitate interaction between authors and business, make it more transparent and user-friendly. Today our new music portal is aimed at active cooperation with music companies and authors around the world, starting with the CIS and EU countries.

Knowing all the stumbling blocks and problems faced by businesses/authors/performers/producers in their professional lives, having accumulated vast experience in this sphere, our company has taken all the details into account and created a new portal to unite the interests of businesses and authors/producers, and elevate its service to a higher standard. The new standard means trust and effective cooperation on conditions beneficial for all parties.

Expert Music continues work in Retail, HoReCa and Service Industry

(i.e. with chains of catering and recreation establishments) worldwide. Besides, we are planning to cooperate with all online and offline portals, services and recording companies that accept our values and are willing to build transparent and mutually beneficial relationships.

In 2017 our new online service team are planning to continue establishing contacts with international partners to promote music of our authors, start selling music to establishments in the CIS countries, make offers to over two thousand establishments and chains cooperating with Indoor Media, switch over to ExpertMusic content, launch a long awaited special service showing statistics of the use of music content and payments, as well as continue technical preparation to enter the world market.

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See you on the webinar,
ExpertMusic team.

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